Bhubaneswar: SANATAN /HINDU DHARMA is in danger at this time said Abdhut Acharya Rahul Sankh .

Different religions and some foreign powers are playing their cards to convert Hindu people to their religion and to create a panic situation in India and Nepal.
With Vedic period 108 Shakti Peethas were in existence.Most Sanatani (people following Sanatan Dharma) were Shakti Upashakas (worshipers).Aghori Sadhu’s or Saints who were the ardent followers of Lord Shiva were also the ardent followers of these 108 Shakti Peethas. All those 108 Shakti Peethas have closes relation with LORD SHIVA- MAHAKAL . The Aghori Sadhus of Baisya Banariya Lok, which is somewhere between Mount Kailash and Sangrila Ghat in the Himalayas were the real custodians of those Shakti Peethas out of which 50 Shakti Peethas are known and four most important Shakti Peethas are known to Swaswat Aghoris who still are existing in Vaishya Banariya Lok. Four other Shakti Peethas and Acharyas for three Shakti Peethas has been announced- they are ACHARYA NIRVAN,ACHARYA BHOJ, AND ACHARYA AGNI. GURUJEE WILL BE HEADING ALL THOSE SHAKTI PEETHAS, EVERYTHING WILL FUNCTION UNDER HIS STRICT GUIDANCE.
When Buddhism started flourishing in India and was about to create a threat Adi Sankaracharya was born to rescue the Sanatan Dharma in 7th century.He was Shiva himself .He saved Hindu religion, culture and tradition from the clutches of Buddhist people. Buddhist by than were following Tantra . Adi Sankaracharya defeated them . Buddha has never advocated Tantra while he was alive neither he had any thought nor he had any concept to create a new religion- Buddha was rather a rebellious child of Sanatan Dharma. Buddhist Tantra was borrowed from Sanatan Dharma- be like Tantra was taken to Buddhism from ODISHA and MITHILA (Bihar). No doubt Adi Shankaracharya has built four Mathas in four parts of India and had established Naga Sadhus to protect Sanatan Dharma as Hindu Army, from outside invaders.But from 8th century following the Maha Samadhi of Aid Sankaracharya Mughal and Muslims started invading India and forcefully converted Sanatani/ Hindus to Islam .Their barbarous activities in India is the utmost tragic period in world history – such a bloody period has never been seen earlier or will never be seen in future.But neither Naga Sadhus nor the Hindu monks and saints came forward to declare a religious war against Mughal or Muslims.
“Here I would like to reproduce some lines of Irfan Hussain’s article “ Demons from the Past” in which he observes bloody period of history:

Mahmud of Ghazni, Qutab-Ud-Din Aibak,Balban, Muhammad Bin Qasim and Sultan Muhammad Tughlaq all have blood stained hands that the passage of years has not cleansed………The temples were razed, their idols smashed, their women raped, their men killed or taken slaves.When Muhammad of Ghazni entered Somnath in one of his annual raids he slaughtered all 50,000 inhabitants.While Aibak killed and enslaved hundreds of thousands. “
During those bloody period of History Nagas didn’t played any role to protest them nor our Hindu Sadhus did any such visible activity to protect Hindus from their bloody atrocity.

But it was the Aghori Sadhu Mahatapa in 12th century who exhibited before Mughals the invisible power of Aghoris.It was during that period three most beautiful and radiant Aghori Kapali (Matas -lady moncks) who were in deep Sadhan in Himachal Pradesh area, were forcefully abducted by Mughals. With in half a Ghati – 12 minutes three Kapalis were mingled into thin air.Forthwith, under the leadership of Mahatapa 15 to 20 Aghoris killed all those Mughal soldiers who were involved in abducting Kapali Matas. But what hurts us is our historians are silent about this.History swallows many things, many truths and History swallowed this TRUTH too.By than Mahatapa declared about four hidden Shakti Peethas, they are
Ratnavali Shakti Peeth, Kalmadhav Shakti Peeth, Lanka Shakti Peeth, Panchsagar Shakti Peeth. This was announced by Mahatapa at Bsisya Banariya Lok he was of opinion that Bharat should have a special Hindu Army to protect the religion.Aghori Sadhu Asitananda too has announced this at Nasik, by which Veer Savarkar was motivated. Mahatapa was a visionary his thoughts has relevance for the present situation in India and Nepal where converting Hindu to other religion is rampant.Recently my

Gurujee ABDHUT ACHARYA RAHUL SANKH has discovered Kala Madhav Shakti Peeth Nepal, which is located in between Gaighat , Udayapur road.The place is famous for Birat Mahadeva.This is the place where Lord Shiva married to Mata Parvati.Mahakal is worshiped here in the form of long Shila (Stone) near Maina hill. Hints about the location of other three Shakti Peethas has been hinted out to Gurujee.These four Shakti Peethas since 17th century were under the supervision and control of Guruji’s

GURUMATA, who was in deep Sadhan (penance) and was in Mauna Brata (Observing silence for last 40 years came to Vaishya Banariya Lok in November 2017 to treat Gurujee and she has authorised him (Gurujee) to look after the reconstruction of these four Shakti Peethas and to function them. When I just wanted to confirm this from Gurujee he simply laughed over phone and as usual in a jovial manner told “Pandajee aap thoda age chlegaye” ( Pandajee you are going ahead) and laughed as usual.

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